Thinking about your work place burning isn't something that typically occurs. It needs to be thought of, though, in order to have a safe workplace. Incorporating a fire protection system into your building plans can be the difference between safety and tragedy. 

Installing a fire protection may be dependent on the laws present where you are conducting business. If sales and meetings involving customers usually take place in your workspace, some states will require a functioning protection system. If your business included working with dangerous chemicals, the law specifies what system you will need. If you have a lot of necessary information stored in your work building, a fire protection system may be a good investment. Most companies plan to install a system after looking at the facts. Typically, fire protections systems are one of three kinds. 

The first type is water based systems. These water systems are the most common type of fire protection. Water is safe around people because it won't burn the skin in case of deployment. Something to remember about water fire protection systems is that they are stationary. 

The second type is gas based systems. In this case, the atmosphere of the room is changed to suppress the fire. If your workspace is busy, this is not a good fire suppression system. Computer centers are ideal for this type of system. Electrical systems and water don't mix well, so gas is a better alternative. 

Aerosol based systems are category three of fire protection systems from this homepage. Aerosol systems release a spray that stops fires from lighting things in the room. It does make a mess, but is considered okay to touch and should be easy to clean. These can be carried from room to room, or installed.

Because of the variety is still may be hard to decide on the best choice. To best have a safe workspace, a lot of corporations have more than one functioning system. There is the option to have different types of systems in different areas. Some fire protection systems are cheaper to install than others, so this may help cement the selection. For more info about fire safety, check out this website at 

Three additional factors may make or break the decision. One thing to think about is what type of clean up you will be dealing with after any incident. Next, talk to the insurance company to see if particular systems offer breaks in cost. The last item of business would be speaking to fire professionals in your city to see what has worked well in previous calls they have answered. 


All corporations should well research all of their selections to find what will keep their building safest. To best care for your building and customers, make sure to find the correct fire protection system for you, go here to get started!